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Full Moon Saloon by Aimee Easterling

Kira’s fox-shifting abilities make her a valuable asset — and a werewolf’s worst enemy. But when a woman is murdered by a shifter, she’ll have to team up with alpha wolf shifter Thom to clear his name and find the true monster…

Alpha, First Person POV, Swords, Shifters, Slow Burn

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Pumpkin Spice And All Things Nice by Laura Greenwood

When Willow comes into possession of a strange, ancient teapot, her life promptly turns upside down. Between a cursed warlock, an unusual cat, and a new employee, she’s steeped in trouble!

First Person POV, Curse, Witches, Warlocks, Forced Proximity

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We Got Powers Too by N. R. Hairston

They want me dead. The local drug dealers think I stole their money and they put a hit out on me.

Found Family, New Magical Powers, Battle Couple, Witches, Touch Him/Her And You Die!

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Glimmer of the Other by Heather G Harris

I can tell when you’re lying. Every. Single. Time. I’m Jinx, a PI hired to find a missing university student, instead I find a magical realm – where vampires and werewolves exist. I need to find the girl, before they do…

Orphan, Found Family, New Magical Powers, First Person POV, Slow Burn

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The Flaws of Gravity by Stephanie Caye

A former lackey. A faerie plot to end the world. The existence of tequila is at stake. Oh, and humanity too.

Dark Past, Half-blood, Revenge, Heist, Fae

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Sorceress Awakening by Lisa Blackwood

An untried sorceress teams up with an immortal gargoyle to stop a goddess from enslaving Earth in this epic urban fantasy romance tale.

Dark Past, Hidden Identity, Magic Returning to Earth, Fae, Fantasy Creatures

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Blood & Ash by Deborah Wilde

Featuring an enemies-to-lovers romance and a savvy female P.I., this giddy sexy detective series will keep you up all night.

Found Family, New Magical Powers, Secrets, Kidnapping, Enemies to Lovers

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Ulysses Exposed by N Gray

Secrets always reveal themselves. As I discover more of who I am, I realize I may be the monster everyone warned me about…

Healer, Hunter, First Person POV, Rare Magic, Amnesia

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G'Witches by C.D. Gorri & P. Mattern

Hidden just outside Manhattan sits the Magnifico Finishing School for Magical Arts. The Fairchild triplets Olivia, Esme and Agatha have earned a scholarship to attend, but these witches keep havin’ glitches!

New Magical Powers, Third Person POV, Good vs. Evil, Prophecy, Academy

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A Witch Called Red by Sami Valentine

For Red, a witch turned bounty hunter, her own past is a mystery… Her investigation of a sinister death uncovers explosive secrets in this supernatural series starter!

Hunter, Third Person POV, Amnesia, Vampires, Witches

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Runed by Kendall Grey

For fans of Christopher Moore: In this witty mythic retelling, trickster Loki rises from a thousand years’ sleep — as a woman! With the help of a strange pet, can she find the magical runes needed to reclaim her godly immortality?

Antihero, Outsider, Found Family, First Person POV, Magical Artifact

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Finding Fae Artifacts by Isa Medina

A captivating complete series: When Maddie finds a dangerous magical artifact in the basement at work, a pushy stranger’s interruption results in the two of them being spelled together! Can Maddie and Aiden survive being stuck together like glue while they’ve got deadly supernatural enemies coming for them?

Found Family, First Person POV, Magical Artifact, Magic in Hiding, Named Weapon

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Natural Enemies (Spirit Seeker Book 2) by Janna Ruth

She's friends with nature spirits. He wants to destroy them.

Tragic Backstory, Outsider, Found Family, Fantasy Creatures, Enemies to Lovers

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Hidden Coven: The Complete Series by Kim McDougall

Quinn is cursed. Bobbi’s a magical screw-up. Together they might save two worlds.

Dark Past, Found Family, Good vs. Evil, Witches, Enemies to Lovers

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Queen of the Lake by Ruth Athmore

The Lake was his life, until Fate stepped into his path. The Queen of the Lake ruled her life, until she found a man strong enough to fight for her heart.

Hidden Identity, Outsider, Family in Danger, Fae, Forced Proximity

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Hexes and Vexes by Arizona Tape

Witch Amethyst is resigned to a sedate life of wand-making — until detective Ambrose shows up to ask for help on a case, tossing her into a world of murder and intrigue!

First Person POV, Murder, New Job, Witches, Mages

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Ocean's Justice by Demelza Carlton

A mysterious castaway and a Scottish hero determined to protect her. Can they survive the storm?

Tragic Backstory, Hidden Identity, First Person POV, Secrets, Fantasy Creatures

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Immortal by Lauretta Hignett

A mouthy immortal with a death wish lands in Emerald Valley, looking for a cure for her curse. Unfortunately for her, there’s a delinquent psychic kid, a dangerously hot vampire king, and a power-crazed blood witch hell-bent on bringing about the apocalypse standing in her way.

Antihero, Half-blood, Found Family, Vampires, Witches

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Rebel Unicorn by Brogan Thomas

Tru Dennison knows that most of the world thinks she’s a freak; to be fair, as a half-unicorn, half-vampire shifter, she’s one of a kind. To survive, she channels her energy—and her unusual powers—into her undercover role as an assassin. But when she’s accused of a crime she didn’t commit, nothing will stop her from clearing her name… no matter the cost.

Half-blood, Assassin, First Person POV, Fantasy Creatures, Slow Burn

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Cursed Mate by Jen L. Grey

Death waits in the Shadows, stalking my every move.

Found Family, Shadowy Council, Demons, Vampires, Fated Mates

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Spiked by C.P. Rider

Panaderia owner Neely Costa MacLeod is a telepath with a deadly secret. When a homicidal alpha from her past threatens her small desert town, she must put her trust in Lucas Blacke, an alpha shifter with secrets of his own, to save them.

Found Family, First Person POV, Battle Couple, Shifters, Slow Burn

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Dragon Chained by Kenley Davidson

A dragon shifter in hiding joins forces with a half Fae assassin to find her missing family and confront a growing evil that threatens the supernatural community.

Found Family, Secrets, Dragons, Shifters, Slow Burn

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Against the Grain by Melanie Harding-Shaw

A celiac mountain biking witch finds a dash of romance while facing a dark trap with her snarky demon familiar in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Third Person POV, Magic in Hiding, Secrets, Witches, Slow Burn

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Dealer’s Will by Liz Cain

Driven to desperate measures, Morgan strikes a dangerous deal with a local crossroads demon, hoping to save the man she loves when he falls fatally I’ll. But little does she know that her decision will set in motion a chain of events with dire consequences.

Dark Past, First Person POV, Special Powers, Fantasy Creatures, Immortals

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Guild of Secrets by Shari L. Tapscott

Legally Blonde meets urban fantasy in a lighthearted series that features a high-heel-wearing heroine and a team of four handsome knight marshals.

First Person POV, Rare Magic, Sexy Partner, Forced Proximity, Love Triangle

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What To Expect When You’re Expecting Something Different by Katie Zaber

Mysteriously pregnant and haunted by spirits, a young mother must protect her baby from everything… even fate itself.

New Magical Powers, Good vs. Evil, Secrets, Angels, Demons

Ebook: Amazon

Westside Harpy by T.J. Deschamps

Hi, my name is Lydia. I used to be a grifter, reading fortunes for money. Now, I’m Oracle to the Gods, and my life has never been more exciting or dangerous.

Tragic Backstory, Found Family, New Magical Powers, First Person POV, Prophecy

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Fastening the Grave by L.A. McBride

There are two things Kali James can’t walk away from: death and vintage clothing. A costume designer by trade and reluctant necromancer by necessity, Kali is pulled into a dangerous world where it’ll take more than her skill with a sewing needle to survive.

Found Family, First Person POV, Magic in Hiding, Murder, Necromancy

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The Shadow Reader by Sandy Williams

Some humans can see the fae. Some humans can track them. McKenzie uses her unique abilities to fight for the fae king, but when she’s taken captive, she might end up on the wrong side of a supernatural war!

Swords, Kidnapping, Fae, Enemies to Lovers, Forbidden Love

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The Dragon's Saint – The Saint George Chronicles: Volume One by M.L. Eaden

Gregor and Xavior shouldn't be anywhere near each other, but it turns out fate has other plans. The Saint George Chronicles is a series in the Mythical Desires Universe where myths and legends coexist alongside the problems of modern life.

Hidden Identity, Special Powers, New Job, Dragons, Fantasy Creatures

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Thief of Magic by Bree Moore

With magic killing her from the inside, master thief Lee will betray her crew and steal anything to find the ancient Ceteri and convince them to cure her. Racing against her impending death, Lee pulls off increasingly risky heists to secure the coordinates to the Ceteri's hidden world before her time runs out.

Found Family, Magical Artifact, Heist, Slow Burn, Enemies to Lovers

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The Descent (Daughter of the Fallen Book 1) by Céline Glaude

Arariel is a fearless fallen angel on a mission to return home, but her path takes an unexpected turn when she encounters the enigmatic Oracle.

Found Family, First Person POV, Prophecy, Angels, Dragons

Ebook: Amazon

Winter (Mist Riders) by Stella Fitzsimons

When her ex-boyfriend goes missing, Luna will stop at nothing to find him—even if it means teaming with a Shadow Warrior, something she vowed never to do again.

First Person POV, Magic in Hiding, Witches, Immortals, Enemies to Lovers

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Searching (Dragons of New York Book 1) by Rachel Graves

Ravenna Drake, a dragon hiding in New York City, and Dr. Ian Chen, a sorcerer who solves supernatural crimes in the city, struggle to work together, setting aside their differences and ignoring their growing attraction. If they can’t outsmart a secret magical society and catch the killer, they’ll lose the people they love the most.

Murder, Dragons, Wizards, Slow Burn, Opposites Attract

Ebook: Amazon

Cursed by Kat Cotton

A cursed vampire, a wild tomboy and a love that defies the odds…

Tragic Backstory, Dark Past, Curse, Vampires, Touch Him/Her And You Die!

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Undercover Paranormal by Kate Moseman

Zelda Hawkins came to Manhattan to make sandwiches, not spells—but when a mysterious vampire offers free rent on her family’s old restaurant in exchange for repairing a magical mirror, Zelda’s plans are flipped like a hot grilled cheese.

First Person POV, Magical Artifact, Vampires, Witches, Fae

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Any Witch Way You Can by Rachel Rawlings

Her only hope is dark magic… Ellie James may be a powerful witch but she knows nothing—literally. When her sister Pru runs away and Ellie’s former foster mom shows up on Ellie’s figurative doorstep, desperate for help, Ellie learns the only thing worse than knowing nothing is dealing with the witch who knows everything.

Outsider, First Person POV, Family in Danger, Witches, Slow Burn

Ebook: Amazon | Nook | Apple | Kobo

Spintered Magic Omnibus by Jilleen Dolbeare

A woman starting over, lost magic, and a talking cat with a secret. Can Brigid find her magic before the local coven does?

Found Family, First Person POV, Fae, Fantasy Creatures, Slow Burn

Ebook: Amazon

Pumpkins and Popstars by G Clatworthy

When Fi discovers a headless body, she knows supernatural forces are at work. But what creature is strong enough to rip a head from someone's neck? And why is someone stealing pumpkins?

Third Person POV, Family in Danger, Murder, Special Powers, Witches

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The Reluctant Mage by Journey Windrow

In Boston, Massachusetts Mage Miranda Hunter is determined to rescue mundane babies while fighting off preternatural predators preying on the city. She's plunged into perilous waters where her life is at stake, but the safety of innocents takes precedence over the risk to her life.

Tragic Backstory, First Person POV, Mages, Fantasy Creatures, Reluctant Hero

Ebook: Amazon

Treescape by Melissa Gunn

Metamorphosis isn't all it's cracked up to be. But when a part-dryad private investigator moonlights as an arborist in order to solve the murder of her ex, she may have to use all her latent abilities.

Half-blood, Geek, First Person POV, Special Powers, No Romance

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California Demon by Debra Dunbar

In New Hell, only the monsters survive. When mercenaries raid her home, brutalize her family and abduct one of her sisters, Eden is determined to get her back—even if she has to slaughter her way through gangs and traffickers, and face down one of the powerful demons in control of Los Angeles.

Hidden Identity, Antihero, Found Family, Revenge, Family in Danger

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Darkness Awakening by J.S. Andrews

Denver PD homicide detective, Vanessa Flynn, is in for the battle of her life as she fights magic and risks everything to save the world and her son.

Third Person POV, Good vs. Evil, Magic in Hiding, Family in Danger, Murder

Ebook: Amazon

Shadow Hunter by BR Kingsolver

When my magic manifested at puberty, my parents sold me to the Illuminati. The Order of the Illuminati trained me as an assassin, spy, and thief. But when they sent me to steal a magical artifact that reveals Truth in all things, I discovered that I was working for the Dark and not the Light.

Dark Past, Found Family, First Person POV, Bar, Mages

Ebook: Amazon

Quick Study by Katherine Kim

The one day high school senior Caroline Peters has enough of the teasing and decides to skip school turns out to be the day Elf Supremicists decide to steal an artifact from the museum she hides out in. Now she'd better think fast if she wants to get out of this alive and stop their plans.

Outsider, Good vs. Evil, Magic in Hiding, Fantasy Creatures, No Romance

Ebook: Amazon

Secrets of Green & Gold by Jo Holloway

Cara's hopes for a normal school year go up in smoke when she begins to hear the voices of an ancient, hidden species. But can she ignore their pleas for help when she's the only one who can hear them?

Found Family, Secrets, Special Powers, Fantasy Creatures, Enemies to Friends

Ebook: Amazon

Dark Fangs Rising by C. Thomas Lafollette

After centuries of hunting vampires, immortal Luke Irontree just wants to rest… but a bloodthirsty army is about to overtake Portland. Can he work alongside a werewolf and a human woman without getting them killed? An unlikely team comes together in this gritty urban fantasy!

Male Lead, Hunter, Found Family, Third Person POV, Vampires

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A Tooth Fairy's Promise by Michael J Adams

Vampires, shapeshifters, human traffickers. None of them will prevent Atlanta's only tooth fairy private investigator from keeping the children of her city safe.

Tragic Backstory, Found Family, Third Person POV, Magic in Hiding, Fae

Ebook: Amazon

Witchwood by Willa Blackmore

An urban fantasy adventure with the heart of a southern gothic and the soul of a supernatural thriller. Add a touch of humor and you have Witchwood.

New Magical Powers, First Person POV, Old Magic, Kidnapping, Witches

Ebook: Amazon

Magic Betrayed by Elizabeth Kirke

While trying to find a connection between several missing person cases, Jennifer discovers evidence of an evil cult, practicing a forbidden, deadly magic.

Found Family, First Person POV, Vampires, Witches, Fantasy Creatures

Ebook: Apple | Direct

3 Minutes to Midnight by L.M. Hatchell

A vampire-fae hybrid. An annoying werewolf. And a prophecy that will end humanity.

Hidden Identity, Found Family, Prophecy, Magic in Hiding, Chosen One

Ebook: Direct

Myth Hunter by Suneé le Roux

Ambrose Davids had always believed that myths were nothing more than bedtime stories—until they tried to kill him.

Male Lead, First Person POV, Magic in Hiding, Shadowy Council, Fantasy Creatures

Ebook: Amazon | Nook | Apple | Kobo

Song of Wishrock Harbor by Krista Walsh

A Gorgon-fae PI sets out in a supernatural blizzard to solve a string of murders.

Tragic Backstory, Male Lead, Half-blood, Outsider, Found Family

Ebook: Amazon | Nook | Apple | Kobo | Google | Direct

Demon Curse by Marie Flynn

Desperate for his family’s acceptance, pharmaceutical CEO Nick Barnes accepts an offer from a demon. Now with new abilities and a lowered inhibition, Nick knows how to save the world, but it involves some collateral damage the demons don’t appreciate…

Antihero, Male Lead, New Magical Powers, Demons, Witches

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Hunter's Quest (Rebel, Supernatural Bounty Hunter Book 1) by Nicole Zoltack

While tracking down fiends and monsters, bounty hunter Rebel is determined to solve her brother’s murder — no matter what it takes.

Tragic Backstory, Dark Past, Orphan, Hunter, Mercenary

Ebook: Amazon | Nook | Apple | Kobo | Google

Heir of Shadows by Kel Carpenter

Daizlei Academy is a school for Supernaturals. And me? I’m so much more.

Tragic Backstory, Hidden Identity, Orphan, Found Family, Academy

Ebook: Amazon | Nook | Apple | Kobo | Google

Audiobook: Spotify | Nook

By Darkness Revealed by Kevin McLaughlin

Ryan Blackwell thought to escape his magic by burying himself in a rural college. But Northshield University has a secret: a nexus of magical power that people will kill to possess.

Male Lead, New Magical Powers, Good vs. Evil, Academy, Mages

Ebook: Amazon | Nook | Apple | Kobo

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