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Wolf Trap by Aimee Easterling

Fox shifter Tru wakes up every morning with amnesia and no clue about her past. When her friend goes missing amid a supernatural conflict, Tru’s only hope of saving her is to team up with the enigmatic werewolf who’s been following her everywhere…

First Person POV, Secrets, Shifters, Slow Burn, Forced Proximity

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Scales of Honesty by Laura Greenwood

Can Taia and Metjen figure out what’s causing the problems between them before they risk losing the magic gifted to them by the goddess of truth?

First Person POV, Special Powers, Forced Proximity, Friends to Lovers, Mythology

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Fatal Forty by L.A. Boruff

Connie’s midlife crisis takes an expected turn when she discovers she’s actually Lilith, the immortal queen of the underworld. As evil beings threaten to escape through the gates between realms, she must embrace her newfound identity and work to save the world from destruction…

Dark Past, Hidden Identity, Antihero, Good vs. Evil, Family in Danger

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Sworn to Shadows by Lisa Blackwood

Gargoyles and gods clash against evil. Can one weary soldier and her gargoyle partner learn to control and unleash their formidable skills in time to stop Armageddon?

Found Family, Partners in Crime, Demons, Fae, Touch Him/Her And You Die!

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Ink it Over by Rachel Rawlings

Adeline Severance leads a dangerous, magical double life.

First Person POV, Magic in Hiding, Witches, Slow Burn, Enemies to Lovers

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Hex of the Fire Witch by N. R. Hairston

This book contains two powerful men trying to find love in the middle of a mafia war. Mark is serious and unflinching while Liam loves to test his limits and have a good time.

Found Family, Battle Couple, Witches, LGBTQ+, Mafia

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Splintered Haven by Jilleen Dolbeare

A supernatural B&B, a talking cat, and vampires trying to take over. What will Brigid do, to keep her inn afloat?

Found Family, First Person POV, Vampires, Fae, Fantasy Creatures

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Prince’s Tide by M.L. Eaden

This modern twist on an old story gives a captain and his merman a second chance, while untangling the mystery of why waterfolk disappeared under the sea hundreds of years ago.

Found Family, Shifters, High Heat, Opposites Attract, LGBTQ+

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Lost in Limbo by Angela Roquet

Lana Harvey is a reaper who resides in Limbo City, the modern capital of the afterlife, where deities from every faith must coexist and work together to keep all hell from breaking loose in Eternity. If you had Lana’s job, you’d be grim, too.

Secrets, Special Powers, Angels, Demons, Gods

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From Death to Dawn by Chele Cooke

Surrounded by mysterious creatures. Imbued with strange powers. Can she survive the world she’s entered?

Found Family, New Magical Powers, First Person POV, Vampires, Witches

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A Drop of Magic by Janna Ruth

Welcome to Greenvalley, where monsters roam at night and a group of teenagers take up the fight. Ensemble monster hunter adventure in the vein of Buffy, Charmed or the Vampire Diaries.

Found Family, Prophecy, Chosen One, Demons, Witches

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The Case Of The Night Mark by Arizona Tape

After getting bitten by a hellhound, Detective Samantha Rain joins a dark, hidden world inhabited by supernatural creatures. To earn the trust and protection of powerful Lilith, she must solve a missing person case — or pay the ultimate price.

Magic in Hiding, Sexy Partner, New Job, Fae, LGBTQ+

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Witch and Wolfhound by Kate Moseman

Poppy’s uncontrollable mind-reading magic makes her an outcast in the Manhattan magical community, but when an enchanted statue is stolen from an exclusive organization of witches, she’s recruited to track down the thief.

First Person POV, Rare Magic, Secret Society, Vampires, Witches

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Cursed Witch by Brogan Thomas

When mercenaries tear through her home, failed witch Tuesday Larson is shocked to be saved by a werewolf — and even more surprised that her own abilities have finally emerged. After learning she’s part of a hunted race, can she use her powers to outrun her enemies?

Outsider, New Magical Powers, First Person POV, Fantasy Creatures, Slow Burn

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imPerfect Magic by C.N. Rowan

Highlander meets Harry Dresden in the South of France in book 1 of this award-winning series, described by Fantasy-Faction as “pretty close to perfect”. Winner of Best Supernatural Thriller Series at the Audiobook Reviewer Awards 2023.

Tragic Backstory, Dark Past, Antihero, Male Lead, Bodyguard

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When Vamps Bite by Nicole Zoltack

Detective Clarissa Tempest is determined to keep her city safe from vampires — but first, she needs to convince her team that they exist at all. Suspended from the force, Clarissa has no choice but to take matters into her own hands…

Tragic Backstory, Orphan, First Person POV, Good vs. Evil, Vampires

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Lust and Other Drugs by TJ Nichols

Police officer Jordan and dragon shifter Edra might have to work together, but they don’t trust each other—even if sparks do fly between them.

Magic Returning to Earth, New Job, Dragons, Slow Burn, LGBTQ+

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Once Upon a Mermaid by Demelza Carlton

Fall deeply in love with four mermaids and the hot heroes who capture their hearts in this mer-vellous collection of tales.

Dark Past, Secrets, Shifters, Fantasy Creatures, High Heat

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Vampish: The Hunt by GK DeRosa

Vampires killed my parents – now I won’t stop until I get my revenge.

Vampires, Shifters, Slow Burn, Enemies to Lovers, Fated Mates

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The Guardian by L.M. Hatchell

A feud between two ancient races. A magic returned. Old myths brought back to life.

Found Family, New Magical Powers, First Person POV, Magic Returning to Earth, Old Magic

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Faerie Blood by Emma L. Adams

Ivy’s job: save a human child from the faeries. But the untrustworthy Mage Lord and Faerie’s dark denizens have other ideas.

Found Family, Mercenary, First Person POV, Named Weapon

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Bedsocks and Broomsticks by G Clatworthy

If Jessica Fletcher worked in IT, lived in an English village and had magic, you’d get this series.

Outsider, Third Person POV, Special Powers, Witches, Slow Burn

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Valkyrie Cursed by Rosie Wylor-Owen

A disgraced valkyrie curse-breaker finds herself at the heart of a power struggle when she breaks into a tomb full of vampires and discovers her blood is immune to vampire venom.

Rogue, New Magical Powers, First Person POV, Secrets, Murder

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Secret Monsters by Lacey Carter Andersen

What if everything I’ve ever known about demons is wrong? And what if I’ll need three sinfully sexy demons at my side, or else fall to an enemy I never imagined?

Angels, Demons, Enemies to Lovers, Forbidden Love, Why Choose (Reverse Harem)

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Mortal Secrets by Isa Medina

Demon hunter Ana is already an outcast… but if anyone discovers she can kill immortals, she’ll become their number one target. Will she find help in the magical community’s seedy underbelly?

Hidden Identity, Found Family, Named Weapon, Rare Magic, Angels

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Broods of Fenrir by Coral Alejandra Moore

As the moon rises, passion collides with danger. Brand confronts his past, fights for love, and navigates the treacherous politics of wolf shifter society.

Tragic Backstory, Found Family, Alpha, Shifters, Fated Mates

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Little Wolf by Jen B. Green

New werewolf Torrin learns she has witchblood and must fight to save her pack from being made into automatons. Little Wolf is Book 1 in the completed Torrin Pedersen series.

Found Family, Pack, Special Powers, Witches, Shifters

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Obscure by Krista Walsh

A supernatural government agent investigates the attack on her team only to find herself in the heart of a growing conspiracy.

Hunter, Found Family, Spy, First Person POV, Revenge

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Destiny in the Flames by SP Neeson

Calynn didn’t really like the last answers she found, but now she’s on the hunt for some more. What is her destiny and how is it connected to dreams of shattered windows and a mysterious, faceless woman?

Found Family, First Person POV, Chosen One, Fae, Slow Burn

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Snow Bound by Elizabeth Kirke

It was supposed to be a fun, magical ski trip. But a man with silver bullets, a suspicious werewolf, and an unexpected blizzard have other plans…

Found Family, Vampires, Witches, LGBTQ+, No Romance

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Ritual Income by B.L. Brown

A formerly wicked witch must defend her hometown from a horde of multi-level marketing huns and avoid raising the suspicions of the witch sent to investigate her.

Necromancy, Witches, Slow Burn, Enemies to Lovers

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Dream by Lori Saltis

Mortally wounded, Gerry Kestrel hovers between life and death, imprisoned in a dragon’s lair. Can he escape and return to his family and the man he loves?

Found Family, Secret Society, Dragons, Forbidden Love, LGBTQ+

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Shards of Stasis by Mel Harding-Shaw

A bounty hunter desperate to pass as human and the winged necromancer she despises struggle to deal with the accidental and deadly new mating bond between them while they fight a dark threat tearing at the fabric of their reality. Book two of the fake relationship, enemies to lovers completed Soul Court Ascension trilogy for fans of Guild Hunter and Kate Daniels.

Found Family, Sexy Partner, Necromancy, Slow Burn, Enemies to Lovers

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Begin in Blood by Rachel Graves

Determined to hide her identity as a death witch, Mallory Mors tries to start fresh as a supernatural investigator in Baton Rouge. But when her powers pose a problem, can her new witch friends and an irresistible vampire help her catch a dangerous killer?

New Magical Powers, New Job, Vampires, Witches, High Heat

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A Dragon’s Mind by A. L. Tippett

When she is abducted by a dragon, Tracker Seraphina discovers she can communicate telepathically with him. Now she must decide whether to believe him when he claims her government is lying to her.

Found Family, New Magical Powers, Third Person POV, Named Weapon, Dragons

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Spark of Magic by Hailey Gonzales

To join the coven, I have to compete against the broody son of powerful magicians. If I lose, my memory will be erased.

Found Family, New Magical Powers, Academy, Slow Burn

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Murder for a Song by K M Jackways

When murder comes to her small town and her best friend is named the prime suspect, Esther must use her newfound witchy powers to crack the case! This paranormal cozy mystery is first in a series filled with magic, music, and high jinks.

Found Family, New Magical Powers, Geek, Secrets, Murder

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The Girl With the Iron Wing by Marie Andreas

Aisling is a cop–and a high ranking elf in Los Angeles. One of them is going to get her killed.

Found Family, Secrets, Fae, Slow Burn, Opposites Attract

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Keys of Time by Georgiana Kent

Book 1 of a completed Urban Fantasy series with Time travel, diverse characters, found family, slow-burn romantic tension, mystery, magic and mayhem. Perfect for Fans of the Shadowhunters books and The Guild Codex

Found Family, Third Person POV, Good vs. Evil, Fantasy Creatures, Slow Burn

Available on ALL retailers

Reign of Inception by J.C. Blacklock

When Rayna Caliburn finds herself stranded on a mysterious island, she must seek help from a broody Fae, a legendary Celtic warrior and an ancient magician to find her way back home.

Found Family, New Magical Powers, Magic in Hiding, Fae, Enemies to Lovers

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Dacia Wolf & the Prophecy by Mandi Oyster

Magic exists. Monsters are real.

Prophecy, Magic in Hiding, Chosen One, Friends to Lovers, Reluctant Hero

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Overdues and Occultism by Jamie Sands

A cozy urban fantasy featuring a gay librarian witch, a ghost-hunting youtuber, haunted books and cups of tea.

Male Lead, Witches, LGBTQ+

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Eastside Hedge Witch by TJ Deschamps

What would you do if you’re pretending you’re a normal, suburban mom, but your ex keeps sending hellhounds, armies of vampires, and demons to say he misses you? And, to top that off, you’ve got an archangel showing up on your front lawn with questions about said minions of hell…

Dark Past, Found Family, Angels, Witches, Fae

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Magnetic by Helen Vivienne Fletcher

Four magical threads drawing her in… One forcing her away. Which will prove more dangerous?

Outsider, New Magical Powers, Prophecy, Slow Burn, Forced Proximity

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The Mist Riders Series Box Set by Stella Fitzsimons

Though she was born a lunar witch, Sophie has never relied on her magic. But when she’s called upon to save humanity, she’ll need to learn how to wield her powers — fast.

Magic in Hiding, Witches, Immortals, Slow Burn, Enemies to Lovers

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